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The course of corrective therapy



Schedule a free appointment

Schedule an appointment for a free assessment of your baby's head. We provide a quick evaluation for your child, usually within one week.


First visit and assessment 

During your initial visit, our orthotics and prosthetics specialist (Orthotics and Prosthetics Engineer) will examine your baby's head. To better understand your baby's condition, we will discuss when the flattening occurred, potential causes, and more.

Next, we will use a 3D optical scanner to create a 3D image of your child's head to accurately assess the degree of deformity.

The scanning process is entirely safe, without any radiation, operating much like a camera and is completed within a brief 20 seconds. Your child remains comfortably in your embrace throughout the process. To ensure accurate scanning, we'll cover their hair and body with a specially designed cover that allows for unrestricted movement.

Following the scanning, specialized software measures two factors of deformity:

Cephalic CVAI Factor and Cephalic RATIO (CR) 

Based on the results of these measurements, we can recommend appropriate therapy to address any head deformity.

Deklica 3D sken



Based on the results of the examination we can recommend treatment with cranial helmet and we will send you an offer. 

If you decide to begin treatment we start crafting the custom-made helmet. 



Crafting the helmet

We custom craft the MOOR-P helmet uniquely for your baby's head, based on the 3D scans and precise measurements obtained.

Using custom software, the exact direction of growth and necessary corrections are determined. Afterwards, with the help of a robot and state-of-the-art technology, we manufacture a helmet that allows the head to grow in the desired direction, leading to the desired shape

dva fantka s ortozo za korekcijo lobanje


Trying on the helmet 

In two weeks, your child's helmet will be ready for a trial! We will carefully check the fit and, if necessary, make additional adjustments during the visit. 


Check-ups and adjustments

Check-ups are usually conducted every 3-4 weeks to monitor the progress of the therapy. As the child's head grows, the inner layer of the helmet is adjusted and additionally refined. 

Every two appointments, we re-scan the head and compare it to the initial state. This meticulous approach allows us to objectively determine the degree of progress of head correction.



Conclusion of the corrective therapy and celebration of a job well done!

After a joint assessment between our doctors and you, confirming the achieved desired results, we will capture another 3D image of your baby's head to visually showcase the progress made during the treatment period.

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