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Key information about the
MOOR-P band

deklica s čelado za korekcijo zaležane glave

MOOR-P band

Our unique cranial band is carefully designed to effectively correct the shape of the head in babies with plagiocephaly.

moor-p čelada za korekcijo lobanje

How the helmet reshapes the child's skull

The helmet applies gentle pressure to certain parts of the head. As the head grows with age, the helmet helps direct the growth towards the affected areas.

fant s moor-p čelado

The course of corrective therapy

The first step is to book an appointment for a free examination. At the first visit, you will be received by an Orthotics and Prosthetics Engineer who will examine the baby's head and provide an assessment.

deklica s ortotsko čelado
fant s čelado korekcija plagiocefalije

Here are some examples of babies with different head shapes and ages who have achieved wonderful results with the MOOR-P band.

Happy little clients

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