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Our unique cranial orthosis or band is carefully designed to effectively correct the shape of the head in babies with plagiocephaly.

With correct and timely use, we provide the best chances for a successful solution to this problem. With innovative technology and careful manufacturing, we provide a comprehensive solution for your little one.

deklica s čelado

Made from high-quality hypoallergenic materials, intended for the production of medical devices suitable for sensitive skin.

44% open, which helps keep your baby pleasantly cool.

Weighs only 115-125g, which means that babies can barely feel it on their heads.

Interior padding made of soft foam material for comfort.

Fastens with a strap (velcro) for easy adjustment and removal.


Crafted individually, from a thermoplastic strong and light material (polyethylene).

Custom designed with our exclusive advanced technology, fits your baby's head perfectly. 

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