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Parent testimonials

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Hrvoje Š.

I can only give praises and would recommend you to anyone who needs such help. The staff is very pleasant and approachable. The effect of wearing a helmet is very great, we are happy to have heard of you.

The rating is a pure ten.

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Augustin V.

Olivia started wearing the helmet at nine months of age and continued until one year and one month old. She suffered from craniosynostosis, a condition characterized by the healing of cranial sutures. At seven months, she underwent surgery for frontal orbital advancement and suturectomy. A month later we had a meeting with Moor to adjust the helmet, and we received the helmet one month after the meeting.

From the first day, Olivia wore the helmet every day for 23 hours. The first few days she was a litle fussy, until she adapted, but then there were no problems. While wearing the helmet, we did not notice any changes in the quality of her sleep. We took the helmet off in the morning and in the afternoon after sleeping for approximately 15 minutes and during bathtime.

Every month we visited Moor for check-ups and were extremely satisfied with the effects of the therapy the overall service. We were also satisfied with the quality of the helmet and did not encounter any problems while using it.


Mr. Boštjan Boltežar showed exceptional professionalism and was very kind. 

Our rating is 10/10.


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Ana G.

We began helmet therapy for our baby at four months od age and he took to it very well right away. We didn't notice that it was in his way, that he resisted wearing it or cried, even though he wore the helmet almost 23 hours a day. Maintaining the helmet was easy and did not hinder us in our daily activities.

After only three months of use, we achieved the desired results, which is why we are extremely satisfied with the entire process, speed of production, constant monitoring and cooperation.

The rating we would give is 10 out of 10.

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We are happy to share our experiences with parents.

We are very satisfied with the entire process, and our little one, now 2.5 years old, has a beautiful head shape. We noticed the problem with the head position very early, but unfortunately, we did not immediately find help from doctors. After doing our own research, we decided to reach out to Moor. The first phone call was extremely helpful, and after it, we decided to go for the initial imaging. Although we believed that the asymmetry index of the head was not significant, unfortunately, it was almost 9.5. We immediately decided for the helmet and started wearing it at 8 months.

The therapy lasted a total of 6 months, but I must point out that due to various circumstances (illnesses, heat), wearing was not continuous 23 hours a day, but between 16 and 20 hours with breaks. After two months, the index decreased to about 6.5, followed by a period without change. However, the last two months of continuous wearing led to a reduction in the index to 4.9, which we were satisfied with.

Although it was emotionally hard at the beginning, the helmet physically did not bother him. He always acted as if he didn't have it on his head and accepted it without any problems. Moor was extremely available and provided all the necessary information and support. We had many questions as time went on, but we successfully resolved everything with their help. One recommendation for future cooperation would be to invest more time in initial information and perhaps more precise helmet scraping.


Our rating is a high 9/10, mainly because of some minor difficulties in the begining. All in all, we are extremely happy and grateful that we decided to start with the therapy and that we were able to help our child in this way. It's a pity that there are still prejudices in society and among doctors about the benefits of wearing a helmet.

Big greetings to the entire Moor team and thank you for everything!

Sanja B.B. 

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Lisa had a combination of brachiocephaly and plagiocephaly. Our pediatrician did not refer us to a specialist, and we found Moor orthotics and prosthetics ourselves. Lisa was a big baby at birth, weighing 5 kg, which is likely why brachiocephaly and plagiocephaly occurred. She was developing normally, but no matter how hard we tried to exercise and put the child in different body positions with the help of various pillows (and those for the head), we did not see any changes for the better.

We had regular check-ups and Lisa was growing very quickly; necessitating more frequent check-ups. We corrected and sanded the helmet to adapt it as much as possible. We had great weather conditions - WINTER! I definitely advise you to choose winter as the season for wearing a helmet, because babies sweat on their heads, so you can avoid additional warming of the head. We removed the helmet exclusively and only before showering (we washed the helmet with shampoo and antimicrobial agents, dried well) and put it back on. 


Lisa handled the helmet very well, we all got used to it very quickly, and she was also very chic because we chose the most beautiful one! Today, Lisa (2 years old) is very active, chatty, cheerful and playful. She doesn't remember anything, and we almost forgot too! Prosthetics Moor deserves the highest rating from us!

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I knew that early intervention is of crucial importance, so I contacted Moor Prosthetics. They very kindly ordered me for an examination, where they scanned Lisa's head (she was 3.5 months old). We received an estimate, we saw the numerical deviations (they were considerable), it was at the bottom with the numbers in the deviations (a bit discouraging and sad), but the specialist Mitja kindly explained to us what numerical corrections we can realistically achieve using the corrective helmet. 

Nataša H.

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Izabela B. 

We are very satisfied with the shape of Jan's head and the decision to wear a helmet. We have never regretted that decision. It was no problem for Jan to get used to the helmet.


Our rating is 7, solely because, due to Jan's illness, we were forced to skip the appointment. The rapid growth of the head within a month led to the fact that the helmet began to squeeze very much, and we did not have the option to go for a check-up for three weeks. 

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